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The human body, mind and spirit are very complex systems, a little about which we know. The fundamental principles for keeping well, however, appear to be relatively simple and are founded in living close to nature.

We can nourish the body through:

  • Good nutrition eating a wholefoods unprocessed diet.
  • Clean water free of toxins.
  • Adequate sun exposure for Vitamin D and immune system strength.
  • Clean air.
  • Avoidance of chronic noise pollution.
  • A balance of light and high intensity exercise.

We can nourish the mind through mindfulness, purpose and learning.

We can nourish the soul through family and community.

Restorative sleep allows the body to repair and restore, and the mind to process and organise ready to start each day afresh. Appetite hormone balance and immune stability are also founded in a good nights’ rest.

Real health requires attention to and nurturing of the body, mind and spirit to achieve balance and harmony not only to prevent disease but to maximise day to day quality of life.

YouFood aims to bring Food for Thought to assist you in feeding your body, mind and spirit.