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Athletic Compression Long Women


Athletic Compression Long Women

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V8 Compression tights have the highest quality and best fit garments for those that want to train the best, perform the best and recover the best.
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Recommended for Varicose Veins, Mild edema, exercise and travel.

An essential for females serious about preventation of varicose veins during exercise. The Bodyscience V8 increases VO2max and anaerobic threshold, reduces muscle oscillation, enhanced proprioception, increased explosive muscular power, reduces blodd lactate concentrations and increases recovery time.

Material: Polyester and Elastane

Washing / Care: You can wash your Vensoan Stockings in the washing machine at any temperature up to 40 °C inside a delicate washing bag. Do not use any fabric softeners, optical brighteners or stain removers.

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Available sizes: 
  • 8
  • 10
  • 12
  • 14

Refer to our Size Guide.

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$15 via Express Post or buy 2 and get free shipping Delivery within 24 hours to Metro areas. Time to ship is dependent upon availability of stock.