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A commitment to long-term prevention

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 The 3 most important things patients can do for prevention of venous insufficiency are: 

  1. Wear proper compression
  2. Maintain a normal weight
  3. Avoid long periods standing or sitting. 

We carefully  address all of these issues with patients:

  1. We provide only the best quality compression garments, produced by Venosan, who have accredited garments, proven to be durable with a guaranteed level of compression. These are expertly fitted by our nursing staff and the patient is carefully educated in their application, removal and care of the garment.
  2. Patients are given extensive information regarding healthy weight maintenance with dietary advice, such as low processed carbohydrate eating, reading material and book recommendations. Patients are also given the opportunity to meet with our Nutritionist, at a low cost, for a full Nutrition Program. 
  3. For those patients who spend long periods sitting in their day, we provide a Fitball Cushion for their chair. This maintains venous pump function. We also refer patients for a Podiatry assessment should they have conditions such as Pes Planus. 50% of the leg venous pump is contained within the foot.