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Could Hot Tubs be good for your vein health?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 2020-05-03 17:58
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“This was a single-blind (treatment concealed to the investigators) randomized, multicenter, controlled trial (French spa resorts)…..Four hundred twenty-five subjects were enrolled: 214 in the treatment group (Spa) and 211 in the control group (Ctr); they were similar at baseline regarding their demographic characteristics, the severity of the CVD, and the outcome variables……spa therapy provides a significant and substantial improvement in clinical status, symptoms, and quality of life of patients with advanced venous insufficiency for at least 1 year."

Research Article: A multicenter randomized controlled trail evaluating balneotherapy in patients with advanced chronic venous insufficiency by PH. Carpentier, S. Blaise, B. Satger, C. Genty, C. Rolland, C. Roques, J. Bosson


Warm baths may not be bad for your veins - Article Venous Function in Patients with Venous Disease and Healthy Controls Before and After a Bathing Procedure and Subsequent Cold Stimulus by BR. Hartmann, B.Drews, E. Bassenge