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Disruptive Technology in Healthcare

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 2018-01-17 14:07




Endovenous techniques are disruptive technology. Healthcare has become increasingly more expensive over the last decade. Claire does not engage in the practice of adding unnecessary adjunctive surgical procedures (such as groin dissection and high ligation or insertion of foreign bodies such as coils). Whilst this allows the use of patient's Private Health Insurance, this negates the obvious benefits of minimally invasive treatment. Endovenous procedures can only be done in the Rooms, unless a patient is deemed too frail or medically unfit. Unfortunately, this has made vein care a very expensive process for the patient. Our challenge, as Doctors, is to provide an equivalent level of care at a lower cost. Claire does not believe in compromising patient outcomes in order to make the treatment cheaper. We are, however, constantly reviewing the care process in an attempt to minimise the number of treatments required and maximise the success rate of any individual treatment. Claire is committed to treating all detectable venous disease found in a patient. The aim of treatment is to leave the patient with no residual venous hypertension. The purpose of which is to minimize the chance of development of new venous insufficiency long-term. The provision of a durable treatment, although not the cheapest short-term option, should provide the patient with the best long-term outcome and minimize the cost of care over time.