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Superfical Thrombophlebitis

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Superficial thrombophlebitis (STP) refers to inflammation associated with trapped blood in a vein close to the skin. This inflammatory response can be a normal part of the healing process and may cause associated pain and swelling. It is more likely to occur in patients with extensive disease, large veins and those who have inflammatory conditions or lifestyle. The progression and regression of STP also depends on these factors and implementation of the following protocol. Therefore, the time taken for STP to resolve varies patient to patient. 


You can identify areas of trapped blood as hard lumps just under the surface of the skin.  If you develop STP, the lumps can also become red, hot, and/or tender to touch. Your body naturally dissolves these areas, however you can assist in this process with the following protocol. STP does not interfere with physical exercise.


Treatment Protocol:

  1. Take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, such as Nurofen (with a main meal twice per day – for 48 hours only). 
  2.  Firm massage (twice per day) of Hirudoid cream with the heel of your hand to the affected area. Hirudoid cream can be purchased over the counter at any Chemist.
  3. Compression stockings should be worn throughout the day. The length of compression to be worn is determined by the lump(s) location; wear long compression if the area is above the knee, and short compression if below the knee. Please use a local bolster on the area with rolled up padding (e.g. folded tissue or sanitary pad) under the stocking.
  4. Then go for a continuous walk for 20 minutes (minimum). Walking is what actually stimulates the trapped blood to dissolve. We encourage as much walking as possible.
  5. Maintain good fluid intake